SongBirds of India Audio library of songs and calls of Indian birds by Sharad Apte Sharad Apte

About us

Name Apte Sharad D.
Address Ushahkal, 1766, Ganeshnagar, Dr. Ambedkar Rd., Sangli 416416
Telephone 91(233)2374498
Mobile 9890384400
Date of Birth 4th May 1956
Qualification B. Com.
Occupation Service - ICICI bank, Sangli (since 1980)
Hobbies Photography,
Bird observation (since last 20 years)
Special activities
  1. Completed 3 years study project on birds' life in Sagareshwar Sanctuary (Dist. Sangli)
  2. 3 years study of Casselrock area for the project of I.B.A. (Important Bird Area) for 'Royal Society for Protection of Birds (England)'.
  3. Recorded sounds of animals, birds and insects at their habitat.
  4. Collected variety of songs and calls of more than 240 birds.
Educational Activities
  1. With the participation of B.V.S.Nature Club, we are conducting Nature Education Camps since 1990 for students of age group 10 to 18 years.
  2. We conduct Nature Trail / Lectures / Slide shows based on study of nature on second and forth Sunday of every month.
  3. Plantation, removing solid waste from sanctuary, providing first aid to injured animals and birds.
  4. 15 years' experience of eco tourism.
Web site '' is the first web site to facilitate calls and songs of various birds along with their photographs.
  1. 'Department of Center for Ecological Science' of Indian Institute of Science has designed 'Bird life' project for students. I have provided my recordings of calls and songs of 179 birds for them.
  2. Twitter Clock - First Indian wall clock that sings melodious songs and calls of birds every hour.
  3. 'Ga Vihagano' - An audio CD that introduces 43 birds with their songs and calls.
Awards Awarded as 'Vasundhara Putra' in 2003 by Dodia Trust for my active participation in the work of Environment Protection and Conservation.
  1. President, B.V.S. Nature Club.
  2. President, Balbhim Vyayamshala, Sangli. (active in sports since last 30 years)
  3. Former Director, Youngmen's Model Education Society.
  4. Former Director, Jillha Mallakhamb Association.
  5. Former Director, Jillha Weightlifting Association.
  6. Former Director, Jillha Body-building Association.